lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

*Rogue Star* This bright young star VFTS ...

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Rogue Star
This bright young star VFTS 102 may look like a giant hamburger, but it's certainly no slouch! This hot blue giant is rotating at a rate of 1 million miles per hour, almost to the point of tearing itself apart from the rotation forces. It's due to this amazing speed that causes it to look like an oblong spheroid. VFTS 102 lies in the Large Megallanic Cloud, a neighboring dwarf galaxy 160,000 light years from Earth. Interestingly, members of the Space telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Md have found that it is traveling through space at a faster rate than other stars in the vicinity, which suggests it is a runaway star, one that has been ejected from a double star system after its companion went supernova.

"The remarkable rotation speed and the unusual motion compared to the surrounding stars led us to wonder if this star had an unusual early life. It was suspicious"

Gas from the partner could have streamed over to VFTS 102, causing it to spin faster and faster. Indeed the remnants of a supernova have also been observed in the vicinity, supporting this scenario. Hopefully the amazing rate of rotation will not tear this star apart, as it is quite striking and looks delicious!
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